• Our program for Sales Representatives

    route.plus is a tool which will facilitate managing the work process of sales department in your company!

    What do we offer?

    • optimal and effective planning of trade visits;
    • designing optimal sales territories;
    • planning the shortest routes for salespeople.

    Which leads to:

    • reducing the costs of the company's operations through optimal time- management and increasing the work efficiency of Sales Representatives;
    • saving vehicle operating costs by reducing the number of kilometers driven.

    All this will help in improving the quality of services and secure more efficient implementation of tasks.

  • Constructing territories

    The construction of optimal trading territories is the key to a well-used sales force potential. route.plus is an effective tool for building geographically coherent and sustainable territories.
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  • Route optimization

    Route optimization is the heart of the route.plus system. With it you will generate the most productive routes for your merchants and keep track of their effectiveness.
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  • Performance report

    Effective route planning should be backed by performance reports. route.plus offers a tool to control the execution of work plans and to check GPS positions during visits.
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  • Data visualization

    The geographic analysis module enables you to present sales and distribution data to newly designed territories.
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